Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Becoming Filipino American: Bernadette Gaerlan - Video Segments By Brian A. Meaders

My cousin, Bernadette Gaerlan, shares her story about growing up in the Philippines, her move to the United States, and the transition from being a Filipina to a Fil-Am.

Table of Contents
Segment 1 - Introduction and Childhood Memories
Segment 2 - Leaving the Philippines
Segment 3 - First Impression of the United States
Segment 4 - Filipino and American Culture
Segment 5- Importance of Retaining Filipino Customs, Nostalgia, and Education in the Philippines
Segment 6 - Reflections and Final Thoughts

Segment 1 - Introduction. Bernadette talks about her childhood and schooling in the Philippines.

Segment 2 - Leaving the Philippines

Segment 3 - Bernadette describes her first impression of the United States.

Segment 4 - Bernadette talks about how she was able to mesh both the Filipino culture and the American culture (GO GIANTS!).

Segment 5 - Filipino customs (0:00), nostalgia (2:00), Filipinos living in America (3:05), and differences in education between the Philippines and the U.S (5:05).

Segment 6 - Bernadette imparts us with her wisdom.

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