Monday, May 13, 2013

A Long Way Home By Bernadette N.

My husband, Clyde N. shared his story of how he left a life of comfort and promise in order to fulfill his obligation as a family man.

Table of Contents

Segment 1 - Introduction
Segment 2 - Childhood in the Philippines vs. in the U.S.A.
Segment 3 - Quality of Education in the Philippines
Segment 4 - Leaving the Philippines - 1
Segment 5- Leaving the Philippines - 2
Segment 6-  Being Filipino in the USA - 1
Segment 7 - Being Filipino in the USA - 2
Segment 8- Being Filipino in the USA -3
Segment 9 - Reflections 1
Segment 10 - Reflections 2
Segment 11 - Reflections 3
Segment 12 - Reflections 4
Segment 1
Brief introduction of interviewee, Clyde

Segment 2
Clyde shares the difference of childhood in the Philippines and his views of childhood in America. 

Segment 3
Clyde, shares the quality of education in the Philippines

Segment 4
Clyde imparts how his obligation as a family man, prompted him to leave the Philippines.

Segment 5
Clyde shares how homesickness affects his day to day living in the U.S.A.

Segment 6
Clyde discussing what he misses most about the Philippines. 


Segment 7
Clyde shares his views of Filipinos' attitude in the U.S. 

Segment 8
In this segment, Clyde gives his opinion of changing citizenship status. 


 Segment 9
Clyde's views of what are some of the things in the U.S. that he would like to have in the Philippines and vice versa. 

Segment 10

Clyde expressing where he wants to retire in the future.


 Segment 11
 In this segment, Clyde shares how he keeps his Filipino identity, culture, and connections.

Segment 12
In this last segment, Clyde shares how he is proud to be a Filipino.

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