Sunday, May 12, 2013

Annette Peig's Life as a Filipino American Interview by Christine Guevarra (video segments)

Christine Guevarra interviews her Auntie, Annette Peig, who migrated from the Philippines to America to reunite with her family. 

Segment 1: Family and Personal Background
Guevarra starts off her interview asking Peig simple questions about her childhood in the Philippines within her family and personal backgrounds.

Segment 2: Leaving the Philippines
Peig talks about the process of her leaving the Philippines.

Segment 3: Settling in America
Peig talks about her first experiences and thoughts about America. 

Segment 4: Life in the US
Peig talks about establishing her new life in America.

Segment 5: Family Obligation
Peig talks about her obligations towards her family left back home in the Philippines.

Segment 6: Reflections
Guevarra ends the interview by asking Peig her overall reflections as a Filipino America.

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