Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Home is Where my Family is - Alan Mullen

Interview conducted on April 11, 2013 by Natassja Mullen of her father, Alan Mullen
1. Introduction 
2. Life in the Philippines 
3. Moving to America 
4. Life in America 
5. On Discrimination Towards Immigrants 
6. On Citizenship and Culture
7. On Homesickness and Nostalgia 
8. Reflection

Introduction: Mr. Alan Mullen introduces himself and gives a little background about himself

Life in the Philippines: Mr. Alan Mullen talks about going to school in the Philippines and how his everyday life is.

Moving to America: Mr. Alan Mullen talks about his move to America and why he chose to travel so far from his homeland.

Life in America: Mr. Alan Mullen talks about his life and work in America.

On Discrimination Towards Immigrants:  Mr. Alan Mullen talks about how he did not really feel any discrimination towards him as an immigrant.

On Citizenship and Culture: Mr. Alan Mullen talks about his citizenship process and how he was able to maintain his culture.

On Homesickness and Nostalgia; Mr. Alan Mullen talks about how he experienced homesickness, how he overcame it, and the effects that nostalgia had on him. 

Homesickness and Nostalgia

Reflection: Mr. Alan Mullen takes time to reflect on his life and his choices.

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