Saturday, May 11, 2013

Finding Success in America - Ramon Joves, Interviewed by Rikki Lee

Ramon Joves

Video segments from an interview conducted in April 2013 by Rikki Lee with Ramon Joves. 

Table of Contents
1.Family Background
2. Leaving the Philippines
3. Settling in the U.S.
4. Life in the U.S.
5. Being Filipino in the U.S.
6. Reflections

Segment 1
Family background (0:00 - 3:41)

This segment is about Ramon's life growing up in the Philippines. He talks about where he was born, the size of his family, and what daily life was like growing up there.

Segment 2
Leaving the Philippines (3:41 - 6:52)
"Leaving the Philippines" is about emigrating from the Philippines and why he decided to leave his life behind to move to the U.S.

Segment 3

Settling in the U.S. (6:52 - 11:27)
In "Settling in the U.S.," Ramon talks about his first impressions of America and his plans for finding a job and establishing a new life.

Segment 4

Life in the U.S. (11:27 - 15:03)
In this segment, I ask Ramon about adjusting to life in America, his definition of success, and differences between values in the U.S. and the Philippines.

Segment 5

Being Filipino in the U.S (15:03 - 23:38)

This segment is about Ramon's beliefs on maintaining Filipino identity, traditions, and customs for him and his family. Ramon also talks about homesickness and the differences between Filipinos and Filipino-Americans.

Segment 6
Reflections (23:38 - 29:39)
In this segment, Ramon reflects on his decision to immigrate to America. He talks about his hopes for the future and his family and achieving the "American Dream." He concludes by talking about where he feels his home is now.

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