Monday, May 13, 2013

Grace in Wonderland- Grace Joves

Grace Joves

Video segments done in April 2013 by Sheridon Joves with a very specicial person, my mother, Grace Joves

Table of Contents:
1. Background
2.Leaving Home
3.The Settle
4.U.S. Living
5.A Filipino in the U.S.

Segment 1: Background
Grace Joves gives a background of her life in the Philippines as well as a brief day to day description. She talks about her family members and how they were raised back in the Philippines.

Segment 2: Leaving Home
Leaving home is not always easy. Grace Joves talks about her feelings about leaving her homeland.

(Left to right: Mother, 2nd eldest sister, Grace Joves, youngest sister, Father)

Segment 3: The Settle
Grace Joves talks about how it was when she first got here to the United States. She also refers to it as a "fresh start".

Segment 4: U.S. Living
Grace Joves explains couple years finally settled in to the United States. She also gives a little explanation on how it was trying to fit in.

Segment 5: A Filipino in the U.S.
Just another Filipino in America. Grace Joves gives her insights and experiences on being a Filipino immigrant living in the United States.

Segment 6: Reflection
Reflecting not regretting. Grace Joves just looks back into time IF she had another opportunity. She does not regret anything. She loves her life and has created her own "American Dream".

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