Monday, May 13, 2013

Coming to the land of opportunity: Ramon Cortez

Coming to the land of opportunity: Ramon Cortez

Video segments from an interview with Ramon Cortez conducted on April 2013 by Brandon Diaz

Table of Contents

1. Life in the Philippines
2. MartIal Law
3. First impression of life in the states
4. Not bringing over relatives
5. Leaving the Philippines
6.Why the United States?
7. No regrets
8. Looking back

Segment 1 - Life in the Philippines

Ramon talks about life in the Philippines and his interaction with Americans in the Philippines.

Segment 2 - Martial Law

Ramon speaks about his opinions of martial law compared to what other Filipinos feel about it.

Segment 3 - First impression of life in the states

Ramon talks about his first impression of the United States and what were the first things he did.

Segment 4 - No bringing over relatives

Ramon explains why he came by himself and why he didn't bring anybody over

Segment 5 - Leaving the Philippines

Ramon talks about what he went through in leaving the Philippines

Segment 6 - Why the United States?

Ramon explains how fate chose his destination

Segment 7- No regrets

Ramon explains why he doesn't regret anything he has done, especially in coming to the U.S.

Segment 8 - Looking back

Ramon makes himself clear that he wouldn't change anything that he has done

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