Monday, May 13, 2013

Journey to America: Helen Aficial - Video Segments

Video segments from an April 2013 interview by Radlyn Aficial with her mother, 
Helen Aficial
My interviewee, Helen Aficial came to America with her parents when she was 19 years old. Helen and her parents wanted a taste of the American Dream, but did not know the hardships of living here in America. She has a family of four and currently works at the San Francisco Women's Healthcare. Helen is a kind-hearted person and is happy with the way life is treating her. 


1. Introduction
2. Family Background
3. Education in the Philippines 
4. Leaving the Philippines
5. Life in the United States
6. Language, traditions, and more
7. Nostalgia
8. Reflections

Segment 1: Introduction
Helen introduces herself and talks about where she was born/raised. She also mentions how life was like in the Philippines.

Segment 2: Family Background
Helen talks about her family background and ranks them as being well-off, poor, or middle class.

Segment 3: Education in the Philippines
Helen talks about how it was like going to school in the Philippines. She mentions what she wanted to be in the future, while attending school back in her homeland. 

Segment 4: Leaving the Philippines
Helen talks about why she left the Philippines and her
first thoughts/experiences when she first arrived in America.


Segment 5: Life in the United States
Helen talks about the jobs she had when she arrived in America and also mentions the most difficult adjustment for her.

Segment 6: Language, traditions, and more
Helen talks about maintaing Filipino traditions, speaking her native language, and communicating with family back home.

Segment 7: Nostalgia 
Helen talks about how she experienced nostalgia by the smell of her mothers cooking. Whenever her mother cooks pancit, it reminds Helen of her birthday parties in the Philippines. 

Segment 8: Reflections
Helen wraps the last segment with talking about the American Dream, comparison of life in the Philippines vs. United States, and more. 

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