Sunday, May 12, 2013

Allan Gargaritano- Reaching success

Allan Gargaritano

This interview took place on April 11, 2013 by Anthony Manzano.

Segment 1: Where are you from?

Here is his short introduction about him. He is also a part of a dance group called Aftermath, so check them out!

Segment 2: Visiting the Philippines

Allan talks about the experience he had when he visited the Philippines and how different it was, socially, than America.

Segment 3: Growing with family

Allan discusses whether he has grown up with a lot of family members as a child or not and why.

Segment 4: The impression of America

Allan shares his parents experience in America when they first came.

Segment 5: Hardships

Allan Shares his parents hardships when they came to America.

Segment 6: Facing Discrimination

Discrimination is the subject of this segment, almost like the one before.

Segment 7: Reaching the "American Dream"

The "American Dream" is something that a lot of people wish/ want to achieve, and Allan elaborates on whether he thinks he reached it or not.

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