Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Gabriel Diaz

Gabriel Diaz: Before and After
Franklin, Clark
Video Segments from the April 2013 interview of Gabriel 
Table of Constance
I. Family Background 4:53
II. Leaving the Philillines 4:26
III. Settling in the US 6:24
IV. Life in the US 5:35
V. Being Filipino in the US 3:46
VI. Reflections 5:25
VII. Follow Up: The effects of Homesickness 4:14

In this section I ask Mr. Diaz what was it like to live in the Philippines during his childhood.

In this section I ask Mr. Diaz about the reasons for leaving the Philippines.

In this section I ask Mr. Diaz how difficult it was to settle in the US along with asking what life was like here.

In this section I continue to ask questions about life in the US.

In this section I ask Mr. Diaz what it was like to be a Filipino imagrant in the US.

I ask Mr Diaz to tell me his thoughts on what his life is like now

In a follow up (without video, only audio) I ask him about homesickness.

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